Dramatized visit "The Shadow of La Mola"


¿How getting to know heritage with emotion?

With text by Carlos Garrido and interpretation by Josep Mercadal, it is represented inside the fortress Isabel II de la Mola

Through a story of mystery, the landscape and legendary values of this great military enclosure are transmitted.

"La sombra de la Mola" is a play written by the writer Carlos Garrido and performed by the Menorcan actor Josep Mercadal.

It is a theatrical monologue that takes place between the walls, galleries, underground and defenses of the Mola. Narrating a story that reconstructs life in that place during the 50s. It is based on a supernatural legend, which finally becomes a human portrait of that peculiar atmosphere of the fortress: the barracks, the penitentiary, the guard boxes, the moats, the cannons ... A sense of loneliness and mystery that gives rise to all kinds of rumors and legends.

Duration: 1.30 hours

Visit on 24/09/23 cancelled


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